We are pleased to announce the receipt of iF Design Award 2017 with the premium rice product “Nijo Kouhaku-Mai”.

About Nijo Kuhaku-Mai
Nijo Kouhaku-Mai is a premium rice product designed and co-produced by Go Organics Japan and Reno Design Works (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka).

The concept of the product is “A healthy and environment-friendly premium rice, especially well suited for auspicious occasions”.
It is a set of premium red rice (with least pesticides) and white rice (pesticide-free), cultivated by small-scale farmers in the Nijo area in Itoshima City, which is considered to be the place of origin of Japanese rice cultivation. In Japan, the combination of the two colors, red and white, has long been believed to bring happiness. We put the two different types of rice together in a beautiful gift package, making it perfect for special occasions or celebrations.

All the materials for the product have been carefully selected and made locally in Fukuoka. Attached to the front of the package is Hakata Mizuhiki, a traditional handmade ribbon craft, which can also be used as a chopstick holder or an accessory. The package is put in a gift box of paulownia wood together with Hakata Iwaibashi, a pair of ceremonial chopsticks made of Japanese willow wood.

The product received the award for its beautiful packaging design that echoes Japanese tradition and the history of Japanese rice cultivation, and for its premium quality suitable for auspicious occasions.

Nijo Kouhaku Mai
Gift boxed /net.450g
(a handmade craft “Hakata Mizuhiki” chopstick rest & ceremonial chopsticks also included in the box.)

Ways To Order
1) Go to CONTACT page and order through the inquiry form
2) Email to info@goorganics.jp
3) Order from Go Organics Japan Online Shop

After receiving your order, we will get back to you with delivery time and shipping price information.
※ The first shipment of this product will be from the second half of April, 2017.
※ We can deliver in person to Itoshima City and Fukuoka city.
For these areas, the same item in a paper bag, not a wooden box, is also available at more reasonable price. Please contact us for further information.

About Reno Design Works

Reno Design Works is a design studio working globally, and based in Fukuoka. The studio has been responsible for the package design, co-production, and branding of Nijo Kouhaku Mai.

Takeharu Hagiwara (Designer/Representative Director), born in Tokyo.
After his career in Tokyo as an industrial designer, and a product designer for Sony, he moved to Fukuoka City and founded his own design studio. He has won several prestigious design awards, including the 18th Fukuoka Design Award 2016, and the IF Design Award 2017 in Germany.

About Go Organics
Based in Itoshima City, Fukuoka, Go Organics Japan has been working as a bridge between small-scale organic farmers and consumers. Our objective is to create more sustainable business models for the local, small farmers.
Currently, Go Organics has three offices; Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, and sell fresh organic produce and other organic products made with fine local ingredients.

Miho Tanaka (Representative Director), born in Nagasaki.
After working many years in IT industry, she came to realize the importance of eating healthy and started to change her lifestyle. She moved to Itoshima City, Fukuoka in May 2015, and founded Go Organics Japan, which is a subsidiary of Go Organics. (Head office/ Bangkok, Thailand)
With an objective to support the small-scale organic farmers in Itoshima and other neighboring areas, she will continue to work to develop organic markets not only in Japan but also overseas

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The iF DESIGN AWARD has a reputation as an internationally recognized sign of design excellence since its founding 1953. This year, 5,575 entries came from 59 countries in total, and 58 international jurors gathered in Hamburg, Germany. After an exhausting yet exhilarating three-day examination and judging period, our jury has chosen the winning entries.
Information on the award-winning products including Nijo Kouhaku Mai will be posted on IF World Design Guide and IF Design App.Also they will be on display at IF Design Exhibition Hamburg.

Please contact us with any questions or orders for Nijo Kouhaku-Mai.

Go Organics Japan (Miho Tanaka)
1037-1, Shimakeya, Itoshima, Fukuoka,
819-1335 Japan
Email: info@goorganics.jp

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